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CD plaayer doesn't play songs in sequence

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My new Corolla came with a 6 disk CD player. It originally worked fine. Now it still plays, but skips around on the songs instead of playing them in order. It may play track 1, then go to track 22, then back to 7 and so forth. Some tracks never play unless they are selected manually.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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When I first saw this, I thought to myself just one thing; Doesn't anyone bother to read the directions anymore?

What you've done is as simple as hit the "Random Play" button.
Hit it again, and it will play your songs in the correct order.

BTW, It's in the owners manual.
And there's a picture too!

You're welcome.

:eek: :p :rolleyes: :tu:
Thank you. I'm too old to be reading manuals. I was hopeful it would be something like that. The manual is in the car and when I think about it, I'm always in the house and when I get back in the car, I'm too busy driving to read the manual. I guess I'll just go out and see if I can find that damn button.
It's the number “1” station button, when you are playing CD's.
First push takes you to "Random"; second tap returns you to "Normal Sequence".
Next time you go back into the house, after driving your car, take the Manual with you.
It actually makes for some rather humorous reading.
Like the part about NOT checking your fuel level with a lighted match.
Or the part about not getting under the car when it is supported only by the flimsy jack they provide.

It's sort of like being told not to touch your tongue to something metal, outside, when the temperature is below 0 F.

You should not be allowed outside, unsupervised, if you need to be told this kind of stuff.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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