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Yesterday, my truck decided to turn on the CEL. Took it to a parts store to have it scanned and it is showing a P0770 code, which translates to a shift solenoid "E" malfunction. The readout says probable causes are:

Shift solenoid stuck open or blocked oil passage or lock up clutch failure.

A little history to go along with this: Back in November, I had a complete tranny flush, radiator replacement, etc. after a transmission cooler line rupture in the radiator. Got the infamous "strawberry milkshake" of coolant and tranny fluid in the tranny, as many refer to it. There was also a good bit of metal in the pan. At that point, I was told by the reputable shop I took it to that I was on borrowed time and me and my tranny should enjoy the little time left we had left with each other. Basically, coolant in the tranny isn't on anyones "gotta have" list. (FYI - before this happened, the only signs of problems was a little bit of a kick at certain shift points and throttle position).

Lately, in lower speeds and in overdrive, I have felt a shutter vibration in the steering wheel, kind of like going over small rumble strips. The truck also seems to be a little sluggish, but maybe thats just in my head. Otherwise though, it has been shifting pretty smooth.

Now I'm to the point of accepting my fate and realizing my options. I pull a bass boat and spring is just around the corner, so I might as well get this taken care of asap. My first thought is to find a low mileage used tranny out of an 03 or 04. I've seen them online anywhere from $500-1000 w/ warranty. I could also just take it to my shop and have them take a look and maybe replace the solenoid, but it is likely stuck open due to too much metal from the planetary gear.

Any thoughts, suggestions or other? Thanks in advance.
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