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I am having the same problem with driver seat movement (maunual 60/40 bench) right know. I have taken my 07 CM w/25k miles to three different dealerships six times. They all acknowledge seat movement but claim it is within the normal range. I have called toyota corporate customer relations all for them to tell me sorry sir. One dealership tried to see if they could have my seat replaced but the district manager test drove my truck and claimed it was within normal range (did not get to speak with him personally). So, basically I am screwed with a 30k+ truck that has seat movement which is extremely annouying. To pour salt on the wound I had my truck appraised and they would only give me 17k for it. They (chevy) said normally toyotas hold their value. The 07 tundra has been declining due to transmission and other problems. I have owned a lot of new vechicles and have never experienced seat movement before. I really tried to do my research before buying this truck. I went with toyota's good name however I am very let down by them. As things look now I will definitely be getting rid of it in about a year or so. Please let me know if there is someone I need to contact w/toyota that can better handle this situation. I am very disappointed with toyota. Good luck to everyone.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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