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I'm new to this forum. Glad I found it...lots of great information.

How do I change the fuel filter in my '02, 4.7L, V8 Tundra? I'm reasonably mechanical, but I have worked on older vehicles...not as much computer control and all.

My truck has ~44k miles, and I have never changed the fuel filter. It sat parked for most of a year in 2004, so I know it's due. I think I found the filter in the rear, by the spare tire. Is this the right? Is it important to releive the fuel pressure before changing the filters? If so, how do I do this?

Also, can anyone comment on the effect of an old, maybe partially clogged, fuel filter on gas milage? The engine performance is fine, but I have noticed a drop in milage over the past months...from about 16 mpg around town to 13-14 mpg?
Bruce1, Hey welcome to the board...The filter is a bit of a pain but not that bad....Go online get a price, "" either buy from them or take the quote and price it agaisnt your dealer, they should at least try to match it. Need to pipe wrenches, plumbers tape, couple of rags..It is messy to do but 30 minutes and your done. Be careful not to cross thread thefittings...good luck, CSM-H
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