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lots of missing and loss of power

I am not a mechanic but since I lost my job recently I’ve had to try working on my vehicles. I have a 2000 Tundra 4wd 4.7L 8cylinder. It started running very rough, seemingly overnight. Hesitating, missing and low power. Instead of check engine light on now it flashes. I got a computer readout; 9 error codes. Cylinder(s) 4,1,2,8, misfires multiple cylinder misfires, PO115 engine coolant sensor malfunction, PO155 HO2S-21 (B2S1) heater cir malfunction, another 4 misfire and PO155 HO2S-21 (B2S1) heater cir malfunction again.
Autozone’s computer said I needed plugs, didn’t seem right but I did it; no help. Took it back for reading and got the exact same readout; line by line. Could the 02 sensor cause the misfires? One last thing, about a year ago I had a similar problem and I took the truck to my mechanic for several things. He fixed by “cleaning” the mass air. That is actually the first thing I tried, cleaned mass air with carb cleaner. Wasn’t dirty and no help. Can anyone help?!
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