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Chrome Bug Shied

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Looking for an inexpensive chrome or stainless bug shield for a 2007 DC. Anybody come across a great place for Toyota accessories?
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My neighbor has one installed, chrome plated plastic, matches the grill nicely. I'll ask him where and who the next time I'm in town.
I'd be curious to see that as well. Email me at [email protected]



This is one of the rare areas where Toyota did not do well on the first engineering try .. "factory bug shield".

When I first saw them and how the grill had to be spaced for the bug shield to fit .. I thought .. "WHAT" aka "WTF" . .. :eek: .. :confused: .. :eek:

I like a bug shield that does NOT leave a big space like that or mount on the painted edge on the hood. .. :)

The bug shield on my Titan mounts on the painted surface of the edge of the hood and I don't like it either. .. :eek:

Toyota can redegign a new one .. but it will have to be super strong and perhaps "bridge" the complete grill area. .. :confused:

It will be difficult to design one .. to be inexpensive like the present one.

I would love to see a big heavy duty S/S or aluminum bug shield that came in brushed finishes or colors.


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They are apparently under going a redesign as we spear. I was supposed to have one put on but parts guy at the dealer said they had all been recalled. Supposed to come out with the latest design in sept............:)
My Toyota rep said the same thing about them being recalled.
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