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Hey guys,

Tried searching for answers, but nothing really matched my problem.

After starting up my truck (2006 DC tundra 4x4 4.7l) and putting it in gear (either reverse or drive), the truck makes a clicking noise and I can feel a grinding sort of feeling when I let the brake out to start moving. It will do it as I start to accelerate until about 10mph, then stops clicking/grinding until the next time I come to a complete stop.

Also, the emergency break light has been coming on when the E-Brake is not engaged. Usually once I break 25-30 mph the e brake light goes off. I think I've found the problem with the e brake, it seems like on the rear driver side brake drum the braking mechanism is getting jammed up or stuck, and will not release the whole way.

As for the clicking/grinding, I don't think its related to the e-brake. I'm thinking its more of a drivetrain problem, more specifically the transfer case. I've checked all the driveshafts, theyre all lubed up and seem to be just fine (lubed at every oil change/5,000 miles). Has anyone had any issues like this or any problems with their transfer case?

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