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Clunk in Camry rear

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Hello. My first post here but this looks to be the right place (I hope). I have a 98 Camry (4 cyl). I've had a worsening clunk in the rear of the vehicle for a long time. Recently, I've had struts, mounts, sway/connectors (my mechanic had a better word for that), tires and all replaced. Performs nice but still clunks - kinda metallic clunk sound. Can't figure out exactly where it's coming from. Even tried some custom rubber bushings for the mounts - no dice. There are four Camrys amonst myself and some family (various years) and they all exhibit some degree of the same clunking symptoms... what puzzles me that is doesn't appear so common in the forums or elsewhere online. Still, I was wondering if there are any words of wisdom regarding this issue. I appreciate any and all input. Thanks.
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eh, ive had a clank sound for a while. but it magically disappeared after i wash the underbody of the car lol i don tthink thatll work for you
rear sway bar bushings need to be replaced.

I can't remember but like $29 ea at the Stealership. Grease $2 tube PepBoys.

1. Jack up the rears (Use 2 Stands and 2 Pegs for the Front Wheels)

2. 4 bolts Total to Remove. The two Bushings Pop off the swaybar.

3. Grease the new ones up and Bolt them back up.


thats why you were able to silence the rear noise when you Washed your car...the water ...sort of regreased the bushings temporarily.
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