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code P2442 nightmare

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I have a 2008 Tundra d-cab with a 4.7 v8 just got this dang code P2442. My question is this, how do i know what is damaged between the Air pump and the Secondary air injection check valve? i disconnected the hose that goes from the air pump to the check valve, disconnected the battery and i got no codes truck is working fine just idling a little lower. has anybody figured this out? dealer wants to replace air pumps and both secondary air injection check valves. charging me $3200 that i don't have. can anybody give me a hint please?
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I'll give you more than a hint, contact these guys. Super helpful even if you dont end up buying from them but sounds like thats what you need to do. That and their stuff is about 1/10th the price of what the dealer wants to charge you.

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