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hi apimpdad, don't you off road alot? if you off road than a aftermarket cai, isn't the smartest thing to do. thats why, you had issue's.

i know, i have a monster truck t-rex i changed everything. i have about 3 or 4 cai. with extra foam sleaves that cover the cold air intake, i know what happens off roading. i have to continue to change the filter, it gets clogged up. due to off roading the radio controled monster truck. so i know why you recommend the stock set up.

if you don't off road than a cai, will work, if you like running it hard.
if you drive normal, and stay at 2000rpms, than keep it stock.

cold air intakes, are for top end, it will give you more HP.
cold air intakes, are great if you add headers, cat back exhaust, & a unichip or custom tuned unichip. it will allow for more air, than stock. adding more HP & TORQUE.
proven with hard data.

hard data, i did it, i know, there is my thread about it.
i used the scanguage2 3.15 w/X-guage to see the difference between the stock & the K&N cai. i belive, it was around 10 more HP. but that is top end.
also i have done a bunch of dyno's.

no gains just driving around town.

if you like the sound, than get it, but the sound is when you punch it.
thats when it's at it's loudest.

what is you intentions? that will tell me what you should do.

headers, will give you your most gain, or a custom tuned unichip.
if you want handling, buy a HELLWIG anti sway bar.

yes, there are a ton of these thread's. & everyone has a opinion.
with the right set up, you can see gains with a cai, but if you do not plan on racing around the track;-) , than do other things.
p.s. there are other ways to spend that money.

Mine dirtied up the MAF sensor when I pulled it outta the box and installed it (Being over oiled from the factory). The throttle body was dirtier also when I went to clean it after I installed the K&N. Since I have removed it, the throttle body has been 98% cleaner everytime I go to clean it.
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