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As many different opinions as there are truck owners. Me, personally, the stock intake is a true cold air intake. Having said that, it does have a few restrictions.

I designed my own ram air intake which has helped a little on acceleration as well as fuel economy.

I am running a True Flow drop in foam filter and find that it does filter better. I had a K&N for 16,000 miles and just from the condition of the filter when I took it out (it was as clean as it was when it went in) felt that it did not filter very well. The True Flow was absolutely filthy when I cleaned it after 4,000 miles.

There is a ton of stuff here on the Forum about cold air intakes but my opinion is, strictly on CAI that the stock set-up is a true CAI - just has some limitations. Best filter is stock or a foam filter - K&N does not filter as well but does flow like living hell.
To the OP: I'd listen to this guy... he's done more exploration on airflow on the 4.7L than anyone I've seen. He knows from whence he speaks! :tu:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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