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I have also tried several different ways...

Stock: Your best option if you don't want to spend a good amount of cash. Remove the stock charcoal filter and it will run beautifully.

K&N Drop In Filter: Didn't notice a damn thing. I would say $50 wasted, but I needed a new filter and it's held up well.

AFE Stage 2-CX: Awesome quality, amazing sound and quicker throttle response. This thing sounded great in my truck. But after 3-6 weeks, it started messing with my MAF sensor. It was causing the truck to hesitate a good 1 second or more during shifting. It got progressively worse and I ended up returning to stock. Once I did that, everything was back to normal.

Airaid CAI (Current Setup): I've had this intake for almost a week and I must say it has impressed me greatly. I was very disappointed in the AFE's compatibility in the end. The Airaid has given my faith in CAI for our truck a boost. Throttle response is great during average weather. In cold weather, the truck responds like a caged tiger being let out for the 1st time ever. It pulls with a huge amount of force.

It's super throaty and definitely works well in completing my trucks sound. Combined with the Flowmaster 40 exhaust, this thing turns heads and sounds incredible. Gas mileage is the same, but a little better. Maybe 1MPG more, but not a whole lot. Shifting is smooth and there's no hesitation at all. I really really really like this intake. If you can afford the $320 for it, it's a good buy. Great quality and fit and well worth it.
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