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Combinaton meter replacement help needed

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I recently destroyed part of my combination meter by applying 12 v dc to the speed sensor wire at the ECM. I only had 650 miles on the car and searched the country to find a replacement meter from a junkyard. I finally found one that has 72 miles greater than mine. Do I need to do anything special during the replacement, for example swap a chip for mileage? When I called the dealer, they told me I would have to bring my car in, leave it, they would order the meter from the factory, it would come programed with the exact same mileage. I am not trying to be dishonest, as the replacement actually has a few more miles than mine. I can't afford to spend $425 to have the dealer replace it and be without my car for 2 weeks. This is for a 2007
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My GUESS is that the odometer settings on these digital units are very tamper proof, hence the need to have one custom-ordered and sent from the factory.

Here's an idea...use a GPS or Mapquest or something like that and go for a 72 mile drive! That way, when you get the used unit, you'll be exactly matched up!

The legalities of all this probably vary from state to state. Technically, during your next registration or at the sale of the vehicle, you are probably supposed to indicate that the indicated mileage is not the actual mileage. That might kill your resale value.

Since the replacement unit has slightly MORE miles, I would not feel guilty about making the swap and forgetting about it. The best approach is actually to have the dealer do the swap so everything is on the up and up and well-documented.

Let me ask you do you know it's the cluster and not the ECU?
I only think it's not the ECU because there is no signal coming from the cluster to the ecu, and a lot of prayers
Swapping fixed the problem. I have extra miles on the car ( you can't find 2007 meters available yet) Now I need a decent repair shop to troubleshoot the old one so I don't lose anymore of my warrenty.
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