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Condensor replacement

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Got a jack *** who rammed a flat head screwdriver through the front grill of my truck and punched a hole in my condenser. I think I may be able to get a replacement at a fairly reasonable price as my girlfriend has three sisters married to guys who work at the Toyota plant in Princeton, Indiana. The Real Men of Genius Team is considering doing the replacement ourselves. Any thoughts or experiences on this process would be most welcome.

Oh, it happened in the parking lot at work and the office next us is a private investigator who I think has a constant surveillance camera going of the parking lot due to the nature of his line of work - he also drives a very nice Tundra DC TRD. Going to find out on Monday if he has any video evidence. I have a real good idea of who did but no way to prove it beyond beating a confession out of the coward which I do not even want to waste the time on.
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Hope this works.
I believe this info applies to "00 thru '03. but the procedures will be the same or close for you.


No dice on the video surveillance. Found a replacement condenser at NAPA for $165 - I would give ten times that to be present when karma catches up to the worthless POS who stabbed my truck.
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