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Considering 2004 Tundra Crew Cab - Advice

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Hello... I am considering buying a 2004 Tundra Crew Cab SR5, 50k miles. Seems to be in great shape. $17,500. Is there a consolidated list of top issues (if any) for this vehicle? Any other advice?

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The only real issue is the 02 sensors. Miles are great so tells us more about it. 4X4, TRD, LSD ?
Hi Mike, thanks for the response... It's a 4x4, SR5, Crew cab, white, very clean and well kept. Low miles 50k miles. My father had basically this same Tundra from 2004 until he passed away in 2008 and it was a good truck. I was more looking to see if there are any over-arching issues with the 2004's that I should be looking at. I have had the truck for two days, will buy later today or tomorrow so if there are any major issues, I would love to know what to look for. Thanks. Also... What am I missing by it not being "TRD"? Sorry... I am actually a Ford Powerstroke guy that knows much more about diesel engines and larger trucks. I'm "downsizing" :)
trd is just bilstien shocks and some badges. your missing out on about 500 pounds of payload in the bed. Get the 5100's and throw the stickers on! lol... enjoy your new truck. I love how my truck handles. It doesn't feel like a truck at all.
The '04 is a good truck.....mine now has about 165K miles on it and I've had very few problems, and they really shouldn't be called problems....:
1. the front sway bar bushings squeak (1/2 hour fix every 6 months or so..)
2. the tail gate rattles.....o well.
3. the fan belt tension pulley squeaked when cold (bad bearing)
4. one of the front shocks lower bushings died. (Replaced all the shocks with Billys)

Minor stuff!

Oh yeah......some A-Hole running into me 3 years ago......:td:

.....thats alot for an '04 imho. look for an '06 dc trd limited
Thanks for the responses. It helps a lot.
I think you could do a little better on the pricing but it sounds like a great truck and you'll enjoy it if you keep it.

I know different regions and states will have different pricing and demand but I got my 06 Double Cab ~43k miles Black with the X-SP package (leather seats, nerf bars, Enkie rims, skid plate) back in Dec for $17.9k
2004 LTD DC ... 66,000 miles. Tight as a tick. No problems. No rattles, squeaks, shimmies, vibrations. Cumulative gas mileage: 16.1 mpg. I love my truck.
Price is way high - I would offer 10 and walk away. I love my 2004 DC but hate the four speed automatic. I would love to have the Hp of the 2005 and 2006.

List of problems I have had:

  • Failed Driver's side cat
  • Bad O2's - have replaced all four now
  • Blown axle seals due to a non-existent rear differential breather
  • blown front seal on rear differential
  • leaking CVJ's on front axle
  • slow driver's window
  • rear window defroster no longer works
Despite all that this is the best truck I have ever owned and would never consider owning anything other than a Tundra. I got my truck with over 100,000 miles on it so a lot of the above list is to be expected at some point. Currently have over 165,000 miles on her and will keep her until at least 400,000.

Definitely need to check the frame/underside for rust. Make sure the ball joints were replaced under the recall.
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Wasn't there a TSB on the lower ball joint(s)? I've had an '04 DC LTD for 1.5 years; Got it with 64K. I too wish it had a five speed.
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