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Was just wondering where a VHF or CB radio could be mounted on an '07 with a centre console?
I have a VHF bush radio in my F250, sits on the floor on the centre hump. Was wondering where the heck it could go in my soon to be new truck? A friend has an F150 with the centre console, screwed it right to the passenger side of the console. I didn't like this for two reasons, gets in the way of the passenger's left leg, and requires drilled holes in the console!
The centre console storage compartment itself may be a good spot, but then I'd almost need to drive with the storage lid open when I'm using the radio. That would not be good in the bush (bumps). Closing the lid wouldn't be a good option either as mine has an integrated speaker (of course can mount remote speaker) and you can't see what channel you're on, in case of flipping back and forth.
Any suggestions??
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