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If the miss is there from new and the coil packs are good, you can check the injectors to see, or hear, if they are working properly. A mechanics stethoscope can be used to listen for the injectors ticking. If one of them sounds different, it's probably the cause.

I had a Mazda B2600 which I got from a friend who bought it new. He had a vibration when accelerating since the truck was new. Dealer balanced and relocated the shaft bearing and it still was there. At 195 K miles, while leaving Home Depot, the drive shaft falls off and the U joint was in pieces. I get the truck home and bought a $12 U joint from advance auto. I take the truck out for a test and I have no vibration at all!!! I have my wife drive it and she can't believe how well it ran!!! My buddy stops by and I tell him to drive his old truck and tell me if notices anything different. Now, mind you, the truck is rusted, had worked hard as a commercial paint truck and a had a lot of miles. He couldn't believe that it ran better than when it was new!!!

A stupid defective $12 U joint had stomped many mechanics from when the truck was new. So check the injectors and check the electrical connectors to them. That may be it.
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