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Hi everyone,

Apologies if this issue has been covered before but could not locate. I will try to keep this concise, so it is easy to read and follow:

Vehicle: 2002 Toyota Tundra Limited (4x4, LSD with ABS) - 120k miles.

Issue: Noted a minor leak from the rear differential (Pinion seal), so decided to replace. I have replaced it 3 times myself already (used Mobile W75-90 for rear gear oil), and it continues to leak. I have tried everything, oiling it before putting in, sealing it, making sure it is flush...etc). The third time even tried to use the silicone around where the pinon seal goes in to create a rubber gasket, but still leaking. Brought it to Toyota and they told me the differential is pretty rusty, hence why the leak, and recommended to replace the whole rear differential. I don't believe what they say because the rust is on the outside and not on the inside, but that is just my gut feeling as I am not a mechanic.The leak is in the outer and not the inner part of the seal. I have seen a few videos of people suggesting sinking the seal further in etc, but I am hesitant to make any changes to avoid any damage.

The part I got was from Toyota and specific for my truck. I also double checked and seems to be the right part based on their website. (Stock code: 9031144007)

I have replaced the breather as well, in case that was the issue.

Any help from anyone experiencing the same issue would be greatly appreciated.

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