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Couple of Questions

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Hey's been a while since I've trolled the boards...but I'm back to ask a few questions...

1. With the toytec coil lift are new shocks required or recommended or can you just get by with the stocks?

2. How are any of you that have the TRD CAI liking it?

3. Has anyone looked into the FJ "slider"/step as a fit for the Tacoma...does anyone know if they are welded or bolted on and available as a replacement part?

I guess that will do for now...hopefully I can save up some money and tackle some projects for the truck...

Thanks for the help

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1) Your Toytec sales person should know this.

2) Start for ya.

3) I haven't looked into it, but I gotta believe the folks that are sellin you the sliders may know about installation

Hope this helped ya.
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