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CrewMax not what I ordered.

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Hello all,

After reading many situations where other Tundra buyers have found non-Toyota OEM parts installed at the port I decided to take another trip to the dealer just to check on my truck status.

I ordered in early April with estimated delivery between May 20-June 06, 2007. I ordered many options with two being the F&R Sonar and Back-up camera. I told the dealer to make 100% sure that my truck is not going to have the port installed Park Pilot (PP30). He went on the computer then got the manager involved. They found that my truck is slated to have this option installed at the port. They also said that the back-up camera can be added at anytime. I said no way. This is not the exact truck I ordered and put a deposit on. I feel that Toyota is trying to pull a fast one on customers and not being totally upfront and honest with their own dealers and customers.:mad:

The dealer had no idea that this was any different. They were actually clueless. They are now trying to find the exact truck I wanted and ordered. What a nightmare. I already came to terms that I cannot get the JBL System with steering wheel controls and bluetooth (its a stupid region thing).

Toyota is making it tough for customers to get 100% exactly what they want. People are ending up getting what Toyota wants you to have instead.:td: I dont feel like compromising when spending $40,000 on a truck.

Sorry for the long rant but I just had to warn other people and get it off my chest.
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Sorry for your heartache. I would give the dealership a chance to fix the problem. I would let still let them know you are not purchasing the vehicle unless it comes the way you want it. After a period of time without satisfaction, cancel the order and start over. This time order from out of state if it is that important to you. I live in texas and we special ordered our first sequoia from Dianne in Southern California. They have no port extras and she can get it just the way you want it, of course it would require a wait but to get the exact vehicle you want it is prob worth it. The shipping charge was not that bad to me and the vehicle was perfect. Good Luck.
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