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All my local Toyota dealers have few CrewMax's (Ventura County, Ca).

Took the time to go through them pretty closely. My observations:

1) WOW the back seat area really is HUGE. I have an 05 DC and the 07 Crew Max is substantially larger. Both depth and width. The roof of the truck will be a challenge for many to wash. It will need a significant ladder and really long arms when washing! : )

2) The rear seat adjustability is off the hook. Should make just about anyone comfortable. Since the base mounted seatbelts fold into the seat when not in use, makes for a really comfortable place to take nap!

3) With the top line JBL stereo, the subwoofer and amp are mounted on the back wall of the cab. Nice! If you take out the seats for pets or additional cargo, no loss of floor space (unlike the doublecab)

4) On my current 05 DC, there are A/C vents built into the side pillars. No such luck on the new 07. : ( (the limited models have A/C vents built into the center of the front seat center storage. No such luck with the SR5)

5) The rear doors open to almost 90 degrees. Great for ingress/egress. Only problem I see is the door is so long, opening the door in tight parking lots will be challenging. The rear doors are longer than the fronts!

6) The bed seems pretty large despite the 5.5' inside length. Since the 07 is 4" wider, you gain some width over the former models. Like the bedrail system. Pretty good design. The plastic cap on top of the bed is also nicely designed and tightly installed.

7) The plastic inside the cab is pretty adequate in most areas of the cabin. However, the door panels seem a little flimsy. Maybe some dynamat spray on the inside will firm them up a little?

8) The rear differential in the 5.7L V8 is massive. Makes former models seem line mini-truck rear ends. The frame is also substantiall taller and beefier. The brake rotors are also huge.

9) Like many others of have stated, the gas tank filler door is WHIMPY. Hope an aftermarket company comes up with a metal door.....

10) The front air intake assembly is all plastic and seems a little on the light side. Hope an aftermarket company comes up with a better constructed unit.
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