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Picked up a 2010 4.6 double cab 4x4 a couple weeks ago. Cracked open Amazon/Ebay for some upgrades. LEDs are all the rage these days, so I go for it. Ordered nearly every LED i could for the truck. Didnt know about the CK type, still dont fully get it.. but back to my dumb dumb story... Also bought new speakers all around and a dual 10 box for under the seats.. oh and a 10.1" Android head unit. Speakers went in fine. Woofer mounted in box and slid under seat. I'll hook up the amp and run wires after the trip next week.

So, I was installing the led headlights, parking and turn signals. Headlights go in with little effort as do the corners.

Start with the front drivers side bulb. Leave the flasher on so I can easily.. ehem.. easily.. funny.. easily clock the polarity of the new led bulb.. plug it in and they all stop.. wierd... fuse blown..replaced with one of the spares in the fuse box, a 7.5. Not being a smart learned fella, I try again.. same result, this time, use the 10amp.. try again, and it works.. so I pop inside the cab, turn off the hazards and indicate left... hyper flash.. geez.. so I swapped in the incandescent again and it was still flipping out. I grabbed my set of ballast resistors and put the led back in. Dammit.. blew it again.. so yeah... I did.. use the last spare fuse in the box.. a 30amp cuz I'll just test it and see if I got it then go to the parts store for a set of fuses.. well in went the led and immediately smelly the blue smoke leaving the elctrical system.. I swear it was 2 seconds tops.. but yeah.. dead.

So I hope I amused some of you enough that you might give some places I can try first to look for the either melted wire or fried component.
I've downloaded a 2010 wiring diagram and am sorting thru it, I've tried sorting thru Dr googles but am having no luck.

Thanks for getting this far.
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