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One of my biggest gripes with my 2004 and 2006 Tundras (both 4.7L's) was the cruise control.

With the very slightest elevation change, headwind, .1 MPH drop in speed, toads' fart, etc it would downshift and redline for a long time, before finally dropping back to cruising. This made it very difficult to use without getting angry at it.

So, I got an '07, also with the 4.7L and the 5spd Auto.

I tried the cruise this weekend, on a particularly hilly section of road that was so hilly, I wouldn't even have dared to use the cruise on the '06. I was pleasantly surprised that it gently downshifted 1 gear, brought the RPM's up to 2900 or so, held it smoothly, then dropped back down, right in the meat of the torque through the hilly section. Like butta'....

I totally don't understand what was up with my '06 cruise. My buddy has an '06 4.7 and his cruise works fine.
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