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Hey all, searched for an answer to this, could not find a definite answer...
I have a 2008 base grade tundra with the BZ option... the one that deletes the cruise control. I bought the vehicle as a CPO, since I got a good deal on it, I was able to look past it. However, looking at some posts it seems like if you buy the parts for it, it's as easy as plug and play.

Here are the parts:
Steering wheel cover: 45186-0C040-C0
Wiring Harness: 84633-0e020
Speed Control: 84632-08021

So, is it really as easy as removing the airbag, installing the harness and stalk and replacing the right side cover where the stalk comes out of the steering wheel?

Can anyone (that has done this mod and has the BZ package) verify? Possibly post a link to the instructions? (Sparks has a DIY instruction sheet but it's not very clear on the harness piece...)

Sourcing the parts it looks to be about $105 shipped to FL.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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