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Hello all I am fairly new to this forum stuff

I have a 2006 Scion tC with what i presume to be broken valve bearings. I am trying to remove the cylinder head and in doing so i have run into a problem. Following a guide while trying to remove the bolts 3 of them got stripped in the process and the 4th broke 2 wrenches a socket extender and a brand new bi-hexagonal socket i had bought 10 minutes before trying the 4th bolt.

I feel like my only options for getting it off is to drill the heads off the bolts but anything could help if i can get advice.

My question is that if i have to drill the heads off the bolts for the header what size drill bit should i use as to not destroy the header.

in the guide is says the bolts require a 10M bi-hexagonal socket but mine was actually 12M i dont know why though.

Please help me
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