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DRL's can and have been proven to be effective in many situations. An example is here in the high desert of SoCal, where the road undulates quite a bit. It is VERY easy for a vehicle to blend into the background, especially when the cars are 1/4 mile apart and one decides to pass slow traffic.

The color of the car doesn't matter, and even trucks will blend under the right lighting. DRL's are visible and are NOT normal in a landscape scene, thus causing opposing traffic to see something out of the ordinary. A dark car on a black asphalt road with a TON of heat wave coming off of it can be really hard to pick up from 300-400yds away, and when drivers start to pass at a slower car, thinking no one is coming the other way, they do not accellerate as hard to pass.

On several raods out here, we've seen collisions go way down when a forced Daytime Headlight law has been impossed. The DO help. Of course there are always going to be people that won't see a Mack truck 100yds away, but bright red headlights won't help them either.

Point being, is they DO help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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