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Hi All,
I recently bought a beautiful 2003 Sequoia LTD (23k miles), and have 2 minor problems I need help with:

(1) One of the front daytime running lights has a little bit of water condensation in it, and some slight rust staining inside. There is no visible crack in the outer lens, so I'm not sure how the water got inside. The light works fine. I'd like to remove the cover, try drying it out, and see if it occurs again. Does anyone know how to do this?

(2) The radio signal has just suddenly gone out 3 or 4 times, as if the antenna just stopped working, making the signal really weak. I thought maybe it was due to my kids playing with the wireless DVD headsets, but it happened once when they weren't in the car. Any secret buttons I should know about on the radio controls?

Thanks for any help/suggestions/insight!:ts:
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