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ETA - Background: My husband bought a new Tundra and brought it back to the dealer because there was a paint bubble in the door. This is what happened:

[09:30] k: so, do you remember he had that little paint bubble?
[09:30] k: did you know abut that?
[09:31] s: no
[09:31] k: ok, so about a month ago he took it in because there was a paint bubble in the door
[09:31] k: even i would have taken it in - because it would eventually chip
[09:31] s: totally
[09:31] k: it was small - smaller than a dime - a SIMPLE fix
[09:32] k: so they call him up and tell him it is ready
[09:32] k: you know the bottom of your car where the paint is more textured?
[09:32] s: yeah
[09:32] k: ok, on just the door for some unknown reason they sanded that smooth
[09:33] k: so kelly was like, wtf?
[09:33] s: totally
[09:33] k: and the guy goes, 'uh, sorry - are you ok with that?'
[09:33] k: and kelly says, 'uh, no. i want my truck to match on both sides'

[09:33] k: so they say they will fix it
[09:34] s: :-$
[09:34] k: a week later they call and say it is ready, he takes it home because it was night time
[09:34] k: the next day we see that there is overspray all over the back door
[09:34] k: kelly tried to take it off himself but couldn't get it off - so he had to bring it back
[09:34] s: o...m....g
[09:34] k: it gets way worse
[09:35] k: so the guy says, 'we are so sorry, we'll have it ready tomorrow'
[09:35] k: that was over a week ago
[09:35] k: they wernt' returning calls - silence
[09:35] s: wtf
[09:36] k: finally this chick calls him back tuesday and says, 'oh, we noticed that the paint job wasn;t perfect and we want it to look great, it will be ready tomorrow'
[09:36] k: wednesday comes - not ready
[09:36] k: service manager calls him and finally admits that they had a "little" accident and slightly hit the door
[09:37] k: but not to worry, they are fixing it
[09:37] s: =-O>

[09:37] k: so they had been lying - kelly is still unbelievbly calm aoubt this
[09:37] k: but he's going on a surf trip to mexico Friday and needed to get his sleeping bag and stuff out of his truck
[09:38] s: i would be so pissed
[09:38] k: so yesterday he goes over there to pick up his stuff
[09:38] k: (ready for this)
[09:38] s: oh no
[09:39] k: his camper shell is off, carpet kit (brand new $200) just exposed with overspray all over it, all his personal stuff just sitting out, the bumper off, painting the entire side of the truck
[09:39] k: he was so mad he was shaking
[09:39] k: luckily jaden was with him so he had to be calm
[09:39] s: omg
[09:40] k: he asked the guy, 'please, just tell me what happened? what happened to my truck?"
[09:40] k: nobody 'knew'
[09:40] k: nobody could tell him
[09:40] s: WHAT
[09:40] k: he got home called the owner of toyota carlsbad - no return call
[09:41] k: called Toyota Corporate - they are individual franchises, out of their hands
[09:42] k: finally yesterday the customer service manager calls him and says, 'sorry, we'll fix it.' still wouldn't tell him what happened, said she didn't know
[09:42] k: kelly said he'd like a copy of the report - she said there was none
[09:42] k: he said, 'you crashed my truck and didn't make a report?"
[09:42] s: i can not believe this
[09:42] k: she said, no since it was on their property
[09:43] k: she actually said, 'well, if we give you a bed liner would that make you happy?'
[09:43] k: wtf are we going to do with a bed liner? LOL
[09:43] s: are you serious
[09:44] s: i cant believe it
[09:44] k: he has that rhino lining, a carpet kit and a shell - she offfers him a bed liner
[09:44] s: is he going to talk to the owner?
[09:44] k: yes, he is going to request a face to face
[09:44] k: i told him they need to pay the bluebook difference between a mint condition truck and a truck that has body work
[09:44] k: we looked it's about 2k
[09:45] s: oh no doubt
[09:45] k: and they want to give him a freaking bedliner LOL
[09:45] s: what is that ?
[09:46] k: a bed liner is a black plastic thing you line the truck bed with
[09:46] k: LOL - it probably costs them $40
[09:46] s: oh i know what you are talking about
[09:46] s: wow
[09:46] s: that is so wrong
[09:46] s: i would be flaming right now
[09:46] k: isn't that a crazy story?
[09:46] s: insane
[09:46] k: i feel horrible for him - he was so excited about his truck
[09:47] s: i know
[09:47] k: he doesn't like the new 2007 model or we would demand they just give him a new one

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First thing is to get over there and take pictures. The second thing is to sit down and document all of your conversations before you forget anything. Then, see what they have to say with the face to face.

How long has he had the truck? If they damaged the truck and have to repaint the whole side, then it isn't unreasonable for them to replace the truck with the exact same truck with pretty close to the same mileage and in mint condition. I also would contact Toyota again and not settle for "their franchises, we can't due anything". Obviously the dealer represents and sells Toyota products, they can due something. Also, ensure that if you meet with resistance, you contact your states Attorney General and file a complaint. Good luck, but don't count on much from a dealer that has already demonstrated a level of dishonesty that is astounding.

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Welcome to Toyota of Carlsbad:tu:

Been there many time and even had a meeting with the Owner, Managers (All- General, Sales, parts, service, marketing) My advice. Don't go there.

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Welcome to Toyota of Carlsbad:tu:

Been there many time and even had a meeting with the Owner, Managers (All- General, Sales, parts, service, marketing) My advice. Don't go there.

Been there once, back in '94. I was looking for a new pickup, went to get a Costco member deal ($500 over invoice). The moron brings me a quote of $500 over MSRP! I told him he was an idiot, and walked. I would NEVER go back. :td:

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I bought an 06 Ridgeline last year and all seemed fine. I got under the truck to do the first oil change and noticed overspray on the bumper and fender and the under side of the truck. Right away I could tell it was a repaint. I called the dealer with no luck got no anwers or documents. I called a buddy at an S.A. dealership and he mentioned that if there is damage to a unit and if it is under a certain amount ($3000) then the dealer could fix and not disclose the issue in the sale. In fact it would still be sold as new! With that said, he mentioned it happens all the time! Like many unit a month that need work. No documents or anything to show! Not Cool!

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I have dealt with them in the past and can tell you it was the worst case of customer service I have ever encountered. They are really really bad. Contact toyota corporate and insist they open a case number. In my case they lost a customer for life. I will always steer my friends clear of that place. I still own toyotas but will never have anything to do with Toyota Carlsbad. Once you get a case number they may be a little more helpful but don't trust them.

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I would contact my insurance company and ask them for advice. My insurance company would look into it and strong arm the dealer. In fact my insurance company would take it to another place for repair, have it fixed and then bill/sue the dealership for the repair cost! If it is a certain amount of money/damage you are entitled to a payment for the loss of value for your truck.

A drunk driver hit my wifes 4Runner and she had a dealer fix the minor damage. When I returned from overseas a year later I noticed the extremly shi*y they had done and contacted my insurance company. They paid to have all the work redone at another repair shop and paid for the rental car. The insurance company said they will just take the money back from the first dealer plus rental car cost.

Bottom line, if you have a good insurance company put them to work for you! They have a LOT of power.

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... i wonder what you would see if you pulled the door pannel and took a peek behind. :rolleyes:

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I have had a problem or two with the dealer as well or the service department first on my 02 seq I told them I was in a hurry and needed the oil an tires rotated 2 hours later they tell me the mechanic is having a difficult time with the rotation of the tires I finally get It back and the next time I look at it to change the pads I find I cannot get the the bolts off with my impact wrench I finally brake one off and as you know pretty angry then I end up spending a whole day replacing the bolts and lug nuts I didn't even touch the back considering they are shoes and have a different wear limit. I much later get nailed by an f150 and totaled it and and my precious suv.
Turns out the guy ran the red light typical. Then I buy a brand new 07 after playing the insurance game and I say its a deal if you include a trailer hitch soo I later take it in for the hitch and I did not know that they would have to open up the rear interior panel to install this crappy 4 pin wiring. I am watching this guy work on my car and he must have take 2 hours to do the whole thing while getting his grubby hands in my car. I get it back and find the rear outlet does not work because they knocked it loose so they fix that and I am still missing little snap in peaces for the panel and there is a tiny dent on the outside where they pushed the interior panel a little to hard.
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