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Just wanted to let you guys know...

I have a set of the Dealer Repair Manuals for a 2001 Tundra (probably matches 2000 and 2002 Tundras in 99% of cases). If anyone needs a diagram, troubleshooting procedure, or whatever, I will check the manuals and upload scans or photographs of the relevant pages.

This page also provides (albeit very large) pdf versions of the manuals

Toyota Tacoma/ 4Runner/ Tundra/ FJ Cruiser Factory Service Manual Page (I would like to give credit for this link to 05DC451, who posted a link to the manual for the 2004-2006 Tundras, without which I would never have found this page)

Don't forget to check the DIY Sticky:

And of course...

Hopefully this isn't redundant!


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