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Decal Opinion Needed!

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Hey Everyone!

So, my current TRD off road decal and the pressure washer had a fight, and I'm sad to say the decal lost!

Since I need to replace them, I might as well do something completely different right? So I've taken a photo of the back of my crewmax and overlayed a few different options I designed, but the problem is I like them all.

I'm going to cut these out of matte black vinyl, and the sizes may vary from the photos a bit...

So I'm just looking for everyones opinions. Do you like any, none... etc. etc. I'd love the feedback of all the tundra owners out there.

What does everyone think?

FYI... if anyone is interested in any of these, PM me and I can cut some for you as well if you'd like!


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I cannot believe you wash the truck with a pressure washer. And you must not have had it on low if it ate up you decal. But that is not the question.
1. No it looks like a ram
2. Not bad, could be my favorite
3. No, just odd, maybe if it was rounded to mach the wheel arch, bud still ramish.
4. No, out of place
5. My second choice.

I'd think about extending the decal into a side stripe. Maybe full bed length. And wrap it around the gate with toyota in block letters
^^^how else do you wash a truck.

I say debadge the rest of the way and enjoy the shiny paint!

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I use a pressure washer all the time.:beatsme:
I'd leave the decals off. Option 1 and 3 look too much like a Ram. If you're dead set on making one, option 5 would get my vote.
#2 for sure
Maybe flip #1, just have the t and trd in black, might be too much tho...other than that I like 2 and 5
If you absolutely have to put the decals back on i would go with 2 and 5, but IMO i would leave them off and debadge the rest.
#4, but I think it needs to sit a little lower and forward.
I like #2
i also use the pressure washer... :beatsme:

number 5 would be the one, love that vertical tundra in it..!! :tu:

:D dikkie :D
#5 or #4.
leave them off.

they are all too loud, as others have suggested looks too much like a dodge.
If the pressure washer does that to your decals, what do you think it's doing to your clear coat, then paint. Don't use a pressure washer on car and truck paint, absolutely no good for it. As for the decal # 5 is my choice. None is my preference.
IMHO, the Tundra looks best with no badges or markings.
# 1 & 3 certainly look like Dodge truck markings. (I disapprove.)
If you must decal your truck, # 2 & 5 get my vote.

If my 2011 RW stickers ever give way to my pressure washer, I will leave it unmarked.
Leave decal off, #2, #5 in that order.
No decals for me. I also use a pressure washer. :D
Thanks everyone for the feedback! Until it was pointed out, I hadn't noticed that a couple of them do look ram-ish. I don't mind them, but I am leaning away from them.

I happen to more prefer #2 & #5 myself as I see a number of others here as well.

I didn't realize however how many people think they shouldn't even be on there. I'm a little surprised that so many people would just rather not have them... interesting!

And I have also learned pressure washing is evil! hahaha I do prefer to hand wash to be honest, but this doesn't make me shy to a pressure washer when needed. Sometimes it's nice when a bird leaves me his dinner from the day before!

Thanks again everyone for the feedback! I'll post some photos when I have chosen one and applied it.
5 is my first choice. 2 is my second choice.

You are talking about the pressure washer at car wash, right? Perhaps some are thinking of industrial strength pressure washer. I do use pressure washer at car wash also. Automatic car wash doesn't clean as well, especially the underside.
I prefer the clean look, but, if I had to choose, I think #4 is the most creative and Toyota-themed.

Are you a graphic artist? Nice work. I also like the photograph. I love shallow depth of field work, nice bokeh.

How would you attach such a graphic?
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