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I just completed the detailing of my 2006 Tundra. Thanks to Brandon1 for his informative detailing write-up! :ts:
All of the products that I used were suggested by Brandon1. Here are the products that I used.

Duragloss Wash
Clay Magic with Duragloss Wash (Paint, Windows, Chrome, Wheels)
Menzerna Final Polish II (Paint, Chrome)
Nano Polish (Wheels)
Duragloss 105 Sealant (Paint, Windows, Chrome, Wheels)

I used a Porter Cable Dual Action Buffer and Vroom Microfiber towels from Target.

Thanks :tu:


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That looks fantastic man!!! The products you used really made that paint shine, and white is hard to make look "wet" or shiney, but boy howdy you did it. And those rims with the nano polish, they look great!
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