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Poked around here and while seems like there are lots of issues with rear brakes none are quite what I've got. Maybe someone can offer a little guidance on how to diagnose.

First off, I've already had a master toyota tech look at it and they've cleaned and lubricated everything, twice. Sure brakes were ok for a coupe days then started acting up again, not as bad as before but still not good.

Symptoms are, rear brakes tend to stick and lock just before coming to a complete stop, and it takes quite a bit of throttle to get moving, sometimes preceded by a loud bang from the back when the motor overpowers a stuck rear brake. It doesn't do it every time, in fact most of the time they work just fine, maybe 1 out of 5 it starts binding up and 1 out of 10 it actually locks up just before coming to a stop sending shivers up the frame from skidding rear tire.

Brakes seem to work just fine otherwise. Parking brake seems to work just fine too.

Brakes used to stick much firmer and they were sticking while the truck was parked overnight making it hard to start going in the morning before the shop cleand and lubed them, now they don't do that.

Would be nice to avoid paying for shop work on diagnosing this, I can do the basics myself but I've never dealt with drum brakes before.

The car seemed to have been parked for half a year and then the owner started driving it, replaced battery and all fluids, and decided to sell it a few months after. It's likely been parked near the ocean way back since there's some Hawaii-type corrosion I've noticed, but it's been a SoCal car for most of its life according to autocheck.

Sorry if it's been covered, and thanks in advance for any help!


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I had a similar problem with the rear brakes, the axle seal was leaking causing the drum brakes to stick.

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clean and adjust rear brakes(remove the brake dust)
lube the backing plate where the shoes slide against(antiseize)
make sure the drums are cut nice and the shoes are in good shape(smooth and no cracks)
wheel cyclinders might be working but both pistons might not coming out..
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