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I did do a search first, but didn't come up with anything.

This spring I will be restoring my 2000 Tundra, I've owned since new, for my 15yr old to drive. First project will be pulling the rear end off to replace the brake lines, leaf spring U bolts, and rebuild the prop shaft and hanger. The diff cover is not leaking, yet.... But I thought as a preventative measure, we clean and strip the surface rust and seal it with Por.

Has anyone tried to use POR-15 Fuel Tank Sealant instead of the normal Rust Stop system? The Fuel Tank Sealant is know to seal pinholes, is impervious to oils and chemicals, stops corrosion, and leaves a pretty thick tough coating. I've used it on a number of really bad gas and diesel fuel tanks with good results.

Just wanted to see what y'all think.... Thanks
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