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-DIY- 2000 tundra engine replacement

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turns out my two middle cylinders are trashed from over heating my truck from an accident and the radiator was leaking, my bad on checking the levels before leaving again. But on to the prob... I'm mechanically inclined, but a little intimidated on doing this engine swap with the new engine i ordered. Got a 8ton cherry picker and a 3ton floor jack and some other random ass tools for changing the timing belt after this... but is it really as easy as unbolting the headers, engine mounts and tranny and it's free?? Sense i'm doing this alone due to moving to a new state i don't plan on pulling the tranny along with the engine... is it possible to like.... jack up the tranny and maybe use a ratchet strap to keep it from falling...i have the book on it but it really isn't telling me what i wanna know... Heeeeeeelp ahahah. ... oh and it's a v8-2WD
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Been there, done that ... just not on the Tundra. Few basic tips I can suggest though. Transmission, get you a transmission jack or jack adapter. Support the transmission with it and then pull the housing bolts out and separate the engine/transmission. Also, replace everything on the new engine BEFORE installing it. Lot easier to access everything, then drop it in as a complete unit.
Having replaced my engine without removing the transmission, I will say I will never do it like that again.

It is really as simple as plug and play, except in reverse at first. Unplug the wiring harness from the computer inside and from the transmission, do what is necessary to drop the transmission and then take out the motor. There is a LOT of work, but it is "relatively" simple.

I replaced my motor almost entirely by myself, but it is impossible to get the motor lined up with both the bellhousing bolts and the torque converter bolts AND the motor mounts with leaving the transmission in.

I took the time to label ever plug that I unplugged, especially the injector and spark plug wires. It makes it just that much easier to hook back up.
Sweet...yea doing a tune up on the engine wile it's out will be allot easier and faster when it's not in the truck. Will i need new motor mounts or can I reuse the current ones sense i'm taking them off and on??

Hahah yea for the most part i just took some cardboard and drew out the parts and where the bolts go to place's i know i'd forget where the bolts went. haaaa i know i'm not going to like paying some shop to have to recharge my A/C.. but i live in vegas so thats a must lol.

Hahahha so it's a pain to get the tranny lined up :\ having a friend come out an help would that work? lol... are there any gaskets for that or just use that black rtv crap? I haven't seen any gaskets for the tranny, just the oil pan underneath keep coming up.

thank u both for your input. now i don't have to stress on anything that i might of missed if i didn't ask.
Take a lot of pictures before taking everything apart.
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