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Before too long I'm going to start making a full replacement bumper, but with a low budget (go figure). I got my truck with a grille guard already on it, so I though why not use that as a sort of square one and just build up around it? My plan so far is to rebuild the mounting brackets that are already on there by replacing them with 5/16-3/8 inch metal and welding the whole thing together as one piece, as opposed to the bolt-together job it is now. After that I'd use (maybe) 4 inch pipe to go flush with where that plastic insert thing would be, but a couple inches out to be about even with the guard. Once that is on I would use sheet metal to go straight back making a ledge of sorts that would be kinda like the ranch hand's. For the bottom half I plan on going with the more with the road armor style, but with it not sticking out as much, tucked in under the pipe opposed to the octagon shape they have. This is obviously still in the planning stage, but it has to start somewhere. Anyone have any comments or advice that would help a first time bumper builder?
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