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Since people have not been able to find my post on installation of OEM cruise control that I embedded in another thread, I'll make it so it's easy and so it can be listed in the DIY sticky:tu:

Alright! After waiting nearly 3 months, I finally ordered my parts and tried it out on my 4-cylinder to see if it would work, and it did! All the safety features work (clutch switch, brake switch) and the stalk works perfectly. The kicker is, if you are even somewhat electrically/mechanically inclined, this "mod" is cheaper than that crap aftermarket system that requires you to cut wires.

Here's what you'll need to order for this to work:

84632-08021 Cruise control switch (this is the stalk)
45186-0C020-B1 Steering wheel cover (order based on your steering wheel cover color)
88280-14030 Clutch switch (only needed if you have a manual transmission)
84633-04020 Cruise control wire (this is what connects the stalk to the steering wheel spindal)
90080-15079 1/2" 10/32 screws (you could save some money and get these at a hardware store)..thanks to parkinglot and Tacobama for letting me know about this oversight.

I got all these parts online through Toyota of Dallas.

Here's the tools you'll need:

T-30 Hex driver
10mm socket (long)
3" extention
Socket wrench

And the disclaimer: I cannot be responsible for any damages that may occur because of your negligence. Please be careful and have someone qualified to do this if you are unable or unwilling.

First thing is first, you need to disconnect the battery.

Then remove the side panels of the steering wheel with a screwdriver. Be careful because they scratch really easy. Put the tip to the screwdriver in closest to you. A writeup of the next couple steps can be found here. Special thanks to Hank6500 for the how to.

Then remove the screws that hold the airbag in place. They are the T-30 Hex screws. Remove the clips behind the airbag carfully with a screwdriver and remove the ground at the bottom of the airbag.

Here's what it should look like once you remove the airbag completely:

Now you need to remove the wire that was the ground on the airbag. It has a white connector into the steering spindal. Remove that and replace it with the new one you ordered. The connector that is attached to that wire will go into the cruise control stalk. Slide the stalk in like shown below and tighten the screws. It should fit right into position.

Once you get the stalk secure, put the wire into the stalk, and put all the wires connecting the airbag bag on. Then bolt the airbag back into place and snap your covers back on. Here's what the final product will look like:

If you have an automatic transmission, you are done. But if you have a manual, you'll need to install the clutch switch. I have very generic directions on how to access the area you'll need to get to.

You'll need to find this connector underneath. It'll be taped up, but it shouldn't be too difficult to get undone. This is the clutch switch wire.

The clutch switch will go in the circle seen below. It was a complete bitch to get in this area, but even with my large hands, I was still able to access it. Take note of the distance from the top of the plate to the bottom of the blank nut. You'll need to have the same distance when you put the clutch switch in its place.

You'll probably need to remove the lower dash panel to access the clutch switch (and beleive me, it's easier!). Here's how to remove the lower dash panel to get to that switch. Thanks to remelad from TTORA. Remove the 4 bolts that attach the fuse block. Then move it out of the way and you'll be able to see where the clutch switch is supposed to be.

It's hard to get a pic, but this is the best that I came up with.

Here's the bolt that will be taken out and replaced with the clutch switch. Make sure after you screw the clutch switch into place you connect the connector to the switch. Otherwise the cruise will not work (because it'll sense that the clutch is being pressed).

Enjoy your new OEM cruise control

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I am doing this for my 06 tundra base. I ordered a cruise switch for the steering wheel used from ebay and it did not work. So I ordered a brand new one from toyota parts barn. I have the harness and am waiting on the new cruise switch to get here. I hope this works as I have about 120 bucks tied into it. From what I have read an automatic transmission has cruise built in.

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