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If you have an 08+ Sequoia or even a 07+ Tundra and have a power Cloth Passenger seat can you take a look at something under it for me, PLEEEEEEASE???

I'm just looking to see which harness/connector it has--This particular harness will have 8 wires of different colors and this group of wires will come out of the floorboard.

I have a few pictures attached. One is a black connector with the 8 wires but it has the potential to have up to 12 wires. This is from a cloth seat but is non-powered.

The other pictures are from a limited model Tundra (leather) and the same connector is white, not black, has 8 wires, but this connector is only capable of 10 wires max.

I'm just curious which connector, black or white, comes with the cloth power seat, passenger side and the max wire capability, 10 or 12. Again, this harness should only have 8 wires, 5 on top and 3 on bottom.



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