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Ladies and gentleman, Tacoma enthusiasts the world over, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Tom Young, and I'm a sales consultant all the way up in little old Vermont. As a leader amongst my peers in terms of Tundra and Tacoma sales and knowledge, I find to be fun, engaging sites for me to get to know other Toyota Truck enthusiasts across the globe!

The dealership at which I work, Handy Toyota, is known for one thing across the New England region: Toyota Trucks. And one of my favorite new pieces to the 2011 Toyota Truck lineup is, of course, the 2011 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner and the 2011 Toyota Tacoma TX Pro. We've actually had several TX Pros come and go along with a couple X-Runners, and as far as mid-size trucks go there's really no comparison.

Check out my dealership's YouTube page by clicking here, where you can search for videos on both the TX Pro and the Xrunner, along with many of the custom Tundra trucks like the Handy Rally Sport package or the Limited Platinums (the latter of which we ALWAYS seem to have!).

Let me know if you all are looking for a high-end Toyota truck because believe it or not the place to find it is the home of Toyota trucks--Handy Toyota!
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