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Despite rumors that Tundras will run over children/pets indescrimanently I decided to replace my '00 Platinum 2WD with a '10 White 4WD 5.7 litre.

Very happy with the truck thus far for things like towing and daily driving and such. Very happy also with blue tooth phone integration. Loads better than the aftermarket Pioneer head unit I put in the old Tundra.

But the stock stereo is a little on the wimpy side. I couldn't see paying dealer list for the JBL premium system or the NAV system.
1. I don't typically get lost.
2. I have a smart phone.
3. When geocaching you need a GPS that can walk around with you.

So....I have a JBL single disk system with bluetooth handsfree.

Does this head unit have pre-amp outs?
Does this system actually have a seperate (******) amp like the JBL systems in the gen 1 SR5 Tundras? When I upgraded my head unit in the old truck I was astonished to find out that there was a seperate amp.
If there is not a seperate amp, is there pre-wiring for an amp from head unit location to underseat location the JBL premium system uses in the Gen 2 Tundras?

Answers to these questions will help me decide if I want to run a cheap *** $200-300 powered sub off the rear speaker channels or do it up right. Cause a bazooka tube isn't doing it right....but bass is like sex and pizza....and if you don't know that end to that joke you are stupid.
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