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It's not exactly straight on, but very close. I'd like to find out what the angle of the lower control arm is in this photo, compared to horizontal. It looks like 30* or so, this is full droop on a Total Chaos uniball arm.


Anything within a couple degrees would be great...I guess I could just slap a protractor on the screen but drawing a couple lines would be easier. Horizontal is kinda hard to gauge in that shot, but it's only a couple degrees different from the horizontal axis of the picture.


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I don't have the program but judging by the picture: Using the lower control arm bolt as reference and assuming that the arm is 8" long and the end of the arm being about 3" down from the lower CA bolt, the angle is 22 degrees. If you know the length of the CA from bolt to end and drop distance from bolt to end of arm, I can give you a better figure.

Some other figures:
2" down and 6" long arm = 19.5 degrees
2" down and 7" long arm = 16.6 degrees
2" down and 8" long arm = 14.5 degrees

3" down and 6"l ong arm = 30 degrees
3" down and 7" long arm = 25.4 degrees
3" down and 8" long arm = 22 degrees

4" down and 6" long arm = 41.8 degrees
4" down and 7" long arm = 34.85 degrees
4" down and 8" long arm = 30 degrees
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