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Does anyone know how to change the length of time to have the dome light on?

Dale Aastrom
Rosemead, CA
2007 TRD Edition
Take it to the dealer. They have to use the TOYOTA SCAN tool to access the customize menu.
LIGHTING TIME (Lighting Time)
15 (second)
Changes illumination duration after door closure. (It will quickly fade out in case of turning the ignition switch ON)
7.5/ 15/ 30 (second)

I/L ON / UNLOCK (Room light illuminates when door key unlocked.)
Function to light up the room light, when unlocking with the door key cylinder.
(Room light illuminated when room light switch in DOOR position)

I/L ON / ACC OFF (Room light illuminates when ignition switch turned off)
Illuminates light when ignition switch turned from ACC to LOCK.
(Room light illuminated when room light switch in DOOR position)

LIGHT OFF DELAY (Light Auto OFF Delay)
30 (second)
Function to keep on lighting the headlight for a certain period of time after closing all the doors with the ignition switch turned OFF from ON under the condition that the light control switch is at HEAD or AUTO with the headlight ON.
OFF/ 30/ 60/ 90 (second)

These are your options. Only the dealer can change these settings.
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