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Donahoe Coilover (front end alignment problems)

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At the dealer and he's telling me that the truck pulls to the left after everything is set to toyota specks and he thinks that the alignment prior made the truck drive straight because they may have done what they needed to, to line things up. He says a possible problem might be the shock tube being bent and making it out of wack. Says things look straight and undamaged but isnt' quite sure of what might be the problem. I put these on and haven't had a problem with tire wear/pulling but do remember something about having to do the alignment different or make allowances? Anybody have advice or can make sure I'm remembering correctly?
I'll probably call Wheelers where I bought them (not open yet) and Donahoe to see what they say. Just don't think the shock is bent because of the spring and what you're supposed to be able to do with these shocks:confused: BTW - I've gottem set about 2" up and all other suspension up front is stock.

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I've got a 2006 Sport 4x4 DC LB, not a Tundra...I was too quick on the enter button. Oh ok one more thing. They've got the TRD FJ here....if I didn't need a truck that thing is cool.

Thanks again
I have the DR C/O's & no problem aligning mine. Maybe check into another alignment shop.
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