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Don't judge me but...

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I finally changed my timing belt and water pump after driving my 03 Tundra 222,887 miles. I meant to change it sooner but just never could find the time or money. So while doing the repair, I broke two rusted bolts on the fan shroud, one rusted bolt on the skid plate, and the clip bolt for the breather tube. Got all the broken bolts out. Replaced the serpentine belt, two belt pulley bearings and the timing belt tensioner. It was a nice repair kit that I got from Rockauto.

When I investigated the timing belt it had two small wear areas down in the valleys on completely opposite sides from each other. Since changing the serpentine belt I have also noticed that my air conditioner blows colder than I have ever remembered.

Glad to have it done. Feel so much better about taking a long trip.
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So many people are so ballsy with these timing belts. On a interference engine, not a great idea.
But, they seem to last somehow.

Better late than never I suppose.
Did you guys see the million mile '07 that Toyota bought back? It had "one" timing belt replacement among its service history.
Million-mile Toyota Tundra owner given brand new truck - Autoblog

Not that I'm going to wait that long, but my '02 is only at 90k right now.
I have no room to judge...222,389 on mine and I just did the timing belt, water pump, tensioner, pulleys, and the oil pump (that was a gigantic pain in the posterior). Next weekend is rear main seal party at my shop time...

One word of note, I noticed that my idle rpms were around 1500 after the belt change, 30 miles or so and she's back down to 650-700 without the a/c on...
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