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Current price in Canada at dealer is $135.90, can't find anywhere local that has them and used auto parts places if they did have them (which they don't) would probably be worn anyway.

Price in Potsdam is $91US.

Both my rear doors are doing this, I have a small child in a car seat on one side, and the other children enter through the other, so for now I've ordered 1 for the side the children go in by themselves. I may try out ordering the part online when I decide to replace the other side, as they're going for ~60-70US$ plus shipping, duty, etc.

Part will be in on Tuesday, so hopefully this will resolve the issue for awhile.
can you post up Potsdam's link or where you got them for $60-70? The cheapest I've seen is $113 @ 1stToyotaParts. TIA!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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