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Door open light

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I have just brought my 06 tundra to the dealer. one of the problems I was haveing was my interior lights and the "door ajar" light on my dash. the dealer called me today and told me that the problem was that the door has a dimple on it that pushes the button near the door jam, in order to normally tell the car that the door is closed. And this is normally pushed out and now it is pushed in and no one can explain why. It rung a bell in my head because i remember reading about this on this site before. So i am posting to see what could be the cause of the dimple suddenly going from convex to concave. and how many other people have had this problem?

the dealer told me they would put tape on it to ferr it out. Tape was the offical answer from the toyota shop. I tolld him to put a self tapping screw in the dimple he told me he didnt like the sound of screwing in to the door. but tape was ok.....????? i dont get toyota. the proble is that the service and sales are to far withdrawn from each other. Sales sells you crap and service bends you over.



now on the to the BS. My truck was parked and smashed in the rear. I owened it for 2 months. never met any service men and this was my first fianiced vechical. So i called my selles rep. Scotty bear he told me to bring it to TJA auto. ok......

so after 12000$ in insurance. and supposedly 3weeks witch turned into 6. I got my truck back with my tpms sensor not working, also all my traction controll lights were on. So ok see you in a week. i brought it back to them they fixed the traction light problem not the tpms sensor problem. ok..... next

I go up state to my friends house by myself it was raining really bad. i kept feeling my truck slide left, right,left,right.................. i thought i was trippen out. since i was by my self i couldnt conform the sensation was real. now i get to my destination richmondville. I come to my first stop in about 4 hours and then............ BOOOOOOM!!!! holy cow what was that. i get out and see a drive shaft on the ground next to my truck. I said to my self wow this is a bad spot for cars. and then i looked under my truck and noticed that it was my driveshaft on the floor.. DAMMMM. so i put it in my truck and put my truck in 4 wheel drive and went to my destination about 1 mile down the road. thank god i was going to a box trailer dealer and i was able to use there tools. After a little investigation i found that the reason that the driveshaft fell out was because who ever installed it forgot to mash the colapseable nut. so it spun off and everything also managed to stay inside the universale and i was able to get it back on correctly. Thanks toyota for reffering such a good mechanic. WOW..... ok ready next...

I was talking to my friend about the upstate adventure. He mentioned that i might need and allignment..

I go to toyota a little pissed that they sent me to such a doggey mechanic. They asked me who i used i told them they had no idea who tja was and never herd of the. I was pissed like are you kidding this is the mechanic you reffered me to. they asked who reffered them i told them scotty bear the sales men i bought the truck from. they all ollked around at each other and laughed and said i should have used there guy. i exclaimed that i did use there guy and he screwed my truck. Back and firth with no resolution. they told me i was retarted and my problems are not theres. meanwhile my truck is falling apart. SO now I ask them to change my oil and to call tja auto for payment so they can fix the tpms light while it is there. Also I asked them to look over the truck. i call at 5:00 they say to come down truck is fixed.. wow no call to tell me it was done... When i get there they only changed the oil. i asked why didnt he call tja and try to get the tpms sensor fixed. as agreed eariler. He told me i had bigger problems and that the tpms sensor was the least of my problems. I didnt know toyota new what my problems were and how to address them. He then mentioned that my rear seal was leaking. and he was not touching my truck.ok back to tja auto.

some time between this trip to toyota and my next appointment at tja auto, i noticed my passanger side tire was weareing totaly weird, outside only. when i get to tja auto i mention my rear seal he fixes it no problem. then i tell him about the slipping around on my way upstate and that my friend thinks it might need an allignment. he says it is because he put a new tire on the driver side and since the passanger side was older it was slipping.i told him it was dangerous and he needed to replace my other tire since the truck as now unsafe to drive. he changes the tire. should be better right????

after another month goes by i notice both my brand new tires are balding on the outside. I call tja they look at it and are astonished at the wearing that has occured in 1 month. I ask why is this happening he says i dont know. he quitly mentioned that it was never aligned.. I alsomst screamed. my truck is slipping all over the road my tire are balding my truck was nearly totaled and you never aligned it!!!!! WTF!!!!!! so now he alignes it and 2 new tires. we figured that the reason for the rear seal was alignemt being not right.. all better i thought.

that last time i was in for service mty check engin light was on. They told me it was 95% likly to be covered under warrantey. so i droped it off in the morning. then a 5:00 i called to see what was up. The service rep laughed for a sec and said laughlingly "oh your truck... ... this is a funny one, the gas cap was loose and threw a code.... oh yes it is finished and it was not covered under warrenty" I was furriated. i went down to atlantic toyota and asked if they were seriouse about me owing money for a loose gas cap. they said yes abasolutly. then after the manager Mike O. tried making me hit him i had enough. So i went over to sales and asked "who cares if i get rid of my tundra today" the gentalman said i do and i explained to him my situation and said " I dont get it if my trucks engine brakes it is covered no money needed, if my transmission or a million other costly items are broken it is covered and cost me nothing. But if there is nothing wrong and some idiot at a gass station forgets to tighten my gas cap then it cost me 180 bucks????..." The sales rep saw it my way and had the fee waived then i went to get my truck and they brought it back inside and after a while they brought it out. i was about to drive away when i decided to look over the tuck. As i was canvasing the truck i noticed the mechanics on the side of the building smoking some butts with in hearing distance. so after looking around the truck I come to the gas cap and notice that the paint was wet with new gas. I wonder what these pr#$ks put in my tank. then i opened my gas cover i herd the mechanices chuckling and saying aloud and also laughlinly " oh look he checked...hehe..ha.." unreal so since i was right about not having to pay for such a trivial "gas cap code" and had it waived. they decided to try and send me out with my truck ready to throw a code and to top it off the service department told me i wasnt allowed there anymore.

now i get to my current situation. My list is oil change, a small knock, front tires, allignment, interior lights allways on. We allready know what the light problem is, small knock is low fluids fronts tires and alignment 460$ not bad then he tells me that the rear seal is leaking. I trow my hand in the air. i tell hime that i fixed that same leak allready through tja auto and that was going to be an issue because toyota was saying it wasnt there problem as explained befor and tja auto was not going to work on it 2 months after the claim. the toyota rep told me that it was covered under warrnety. i thought it was amazing. then i tought about how last time atlantic toyota told me it wasnt there problem and that they wernt touching it. but yet this guy is al over it. just goes to show that corprate toyota will genrally screw you and also you are at the beck and cry and whim of your service managers current attitude. just a little accountability would go a long way with toyota from service agrements to stuck gas pedals..

i love my truck

if you read this entire article i thank you. and would recomend some one to lease a toyota but not to buy one......

thank you Joseph Nohs:amen::ts:
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wow, man, uve had it [email protected]!n as!#h%les...
Please go to another dealer for the love of god and report these idiots at that dealer you used.
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