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Since buying my wife a 2002 Sequoia, I have been growing frustrated about the rear doors constantly closing on the kids when parked on a hill. It hasn't been dangerous, just REALLY annoying. The problem are the door stays that connect between the door and B-pillar. The heavy grade plastic wears out and is no longer able to hold the weight of the door (not enough friction). Cost for both new door stays is ~$140 shipped.

If you know your way around cars, you could do both doors for 20 to 30 minutes...VERY straight forward.

1.) For starters, you'll need to source the right parts. Below are the part number for both rear 2002 Sequoia doors (you'll have to double check with your dealer which is right and which is left.

2.) To dissasemble the door, you need to:

A.) Remove the plug using a flathead screwdriver...this hides one of the phillips screws; take the screw out:

B.) Next, you need to take off the door handle bezel. This is the one point where you have to be careful as you can break the bezel. You need to; pry open a little flap door to reveal a phillips screw and take it out. Then take a flat head screwdriver and pry the bezel up and down from the pivot of the handle itself. Then the bezel is removed by pushing it twoards the rear of the vehicle while pulling on the handle. This MAY be the most time consuming part for you.

C.) Next you need to seperate the door car from the door. Start by removing the two retaining clips at the rear of the door. They are removed by using a small screwdriver (or anything for that matter) and pressing in on the center. The clips should easily pull out.

D.) Carefully, pry the door card away from the door. If you have one of the pictured tools, your job should be easier. I bought mine at Harbor Freight three years ago for $5 and guess what...hasn't broken yet. As you pry away, you should hear little clips start to snap out. I think there are anywhere between 8 and 10 clips all along the bottom and sides...NOT the top.

E.) Once all the clips are gone, lift up on the door card and it should come right off the door. As you pull the door card off, you'll need to disconnect two wiring connections. One is for the door light, the other for the window switch. Set the door card aside.

3.) Undo the three 10mm screws holding down the speaker. Disconnect the speaker wire plug and pull the speaker out of the door.

4.) Take out the 10mm bolt that is holding the door stay to the B-pillar.

5.) Next, remove the two 10mm nuts on the front of the door.

6.) The old door stay should come right out. Reassemble in reverse order.

7) Enjoy beer.:D

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makes me wonder if the front door stay can be installed on a tundra. my '00 front door stay sucks ass. if u look at it wrong it'll close...i have a '06 sequoia, just might do some tinkering to see if it'd fit.
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