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I have a 04 Ltd 4wd that so far has been troublefree. Drove the truck thru the :eek: Noreaster:eek: that hit today and had complete control. Great Truck!!!:tu:

Only problem I have is comfort. The seat are great, but the
armrest in this truck seems to be mounted too high and armrest itself is too short. If I use it my arm is push up and only half my arm is on it.
Very uncomfortable.
Anyone know of a mod or a way to lower the whole arm rest?:cry:
LOWER??:confused: It is way to short I agree with you there but I think it needs to be higher AND longer. I find myself not useing it at all because it's way to low and not long enough. I just put the seat back a little and rest my right arm on my lap and I find myself comfortable but it would be nice if at least not any higher I would settle for a little longer.:rolleyes: Johnnnnny

Oh, I forgot to mention that I am 6'6" 350 and that could be why I would want it a little higher....:D
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