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Has anyone dyno'ed there 07 tundra's with the 5.7. I did see the edmunds report and was curious to see what the difference is between edmunds and members of this forum.
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Someone posted their dyno run on their '07. Check the past few pages of this forum and you'll find it. What did the numbers show on Edmunds?
They said somewhere along the lines of 321rwhp!


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They said somewhere along the lines of 321rwhp!

Keep in mind, that report on edmonds was with the VSC and TRACTION CONTROLL enabled. We really need to see a dyno test with these systems disabled!!:D :D :D
You can't compare dyno results unless they are same dyno, same day. Dynos are best for relativity and measuring gains. I could go to a superflow dyno and probably get only 280whp, and then drive over to a Dynomax and get 330. Don't worry too much about it. :D
Thats what I thought. I wanna see a tundra tested, not by some company, by an individual. I think this truck would make more power than stated.
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