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E-Brake Cable Hanger Mod

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I meant to do this years ago and never got a round tuit...they were backordered at Kaleco Auto for the longest time.

Basically if you mod the rear suspension so the left rear wheel can droop significantly farther than stock, the axle tries to drag the e-brake cable off the hanger next to the fuel tank--the distance from the positive eye on the leaf spring to the axle is greater than the distance from that hanger to the rear axle. It has some room to extend since it's curved, but not much.

This is really, really simple. All you need is a spring with end loops 90* from each other, maybe two or three inches long (I didn't bother to measure this one, it works and I had it lying around), a 1/8" drill bit, hacksaw, grinder (or sandpaper, whatever, just to remove drill flash and sharp edges), and a small rubber-lined hose/pipe clamp from the hardware store.

Take off the stock hanger, use a section from the top piece where it has the tab and ovaled hole, cut it right before the bend, put a 1/8" hole near the new edge, put a new bend in the end, and put the spring between the modified hanger and the hose clamp around the e-brake line. No more hanging the left side of the axle on the e-brake line with longer shocks and springs.



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