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I am diagnosing a friend's 2001 Echo and cannot find the description for he codes my scanner returned. The codes are:

P0440 - Evap Emission Control
P0441 - Evap Emission Control System Purge Fault
P0446 - Evap Emission Control Vent Circuit

Any help with these codes and/or fixes would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Big Al

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Make sure the gas cap is tight

On the air cleaner, there is a VSV. It has 2 vac lines and an electrical plug. Make sure the wires are attached properly and the vac lines are installed properly.

If both these items are ok, then you probably have a cracked
OVERFILL CHECK VALVE in the top of the fuel tank.

Toyota has a special tool to pressurize the EVAP syatem and find the leak with a soapy/bubble mix. Its on the top of the fuel tank and very had to see.

If it is none of those obvious choices, then you need a toyota scan tool to monitor the evap system and read the inputs to the ECU and try to see what it is seeing as a fault.
Good luck
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